Some of our silver products are rhodium plated with an undercoat of nickel. This plating/coating is only done to prevent the silver from tarnishing and oxidizing which is a natural reaction of the metal when exposed directly to the atmosphere. This also prevents tarnishing or oxidizing for a longer time depending on handling/usage/storage and weather conditions.These products need to be handled with care. Over a period of time the appearance of your product will be affected due to the natural oxidization, handling and maintenance done by you. Due to rhodium plating the purity of silver to 92.5%, cannot be ascertained unless the plating is taken off.

Hallmarked Products

Our endeavour is to give our customers the surety of the purest silver being used in our products. On products which have rhodium plating, in most cases the hallmark tends to appear very light but in some cases it may not be seen at all. This happens due to the variable thickness of the rhodium and nickel which gets deposited during the plating process. Hence in such products where hallmark imprint cannot be seen it should not be constructed that the silver used is any lesser than 92.5% purity.