"Queen of Flowers"

The Great Indian Rose/Gulab from Baanka, Processed Over Sandalwood oil and gives you cleanest vibe of Damascena Pink Roses. You have smelt this rose through out, but never this high Quality, that is our Guarantee.

Its Rosy Aroma & Benefits
The fragrance is quite rich and sweet with mesmerizing aroma of rose flower. It is suitable for both males and females, from children to senior citizens. It offers various benefits due to the magnificent scent it owns. The fragrance is both refreshing and relaxing. It also acts as an anti-depressant to eliminate any tension or anxiety. That is why it is so popular in aromatherapy and massage therapies. It calms the mind and uplifts the soul to remove any mental fatigue. Just like the rose.

Why Baanka is the best to buy Rose/Gulab Ittar from?
We at 'Baanka' are a trusted name in manufacturing of pure and natural ittars. Manmath Rose/Gulab ittar are Baanka's flagship products which are popular all around the globe.

Precautions: Some people may be allergic to natural products, test the patch on inner elbow and leave it for 30 minutes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.
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