An Indian tree with interesting properties.

Exotic Fragrance with Rich Woody, Earthy and Spicy Notes, Sandalwood base and the finest of Maulsiri from the house of Baanka.

The Bakula/Maulsiri pushpa plant has lots to offer and is also called Indian Meddler or Bullet wood tree when it comes to therapeutic benefits. Back home, this tree finds mention in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda as well as in Kalidas' Megduta.

Bakula/Maulsiri has fresh and sweet-smelling fragrance. It is an evergreen tree and it has distinctive appearance due to its dark bark with deep fissures. The bark is red on the inside whereas the reddish-grey bark, which is hardy, makes for the outer part. Bakula/Maulsiri trees grow throughout the country and have smooth and shiny leaves.

The flowers grow in bunches and are fragrant. They are white in colour with a yellow-ish tinge. The fragrance can be retained for years if the flowers are sun-dried and preserved well. The dried flowers are used to make necklaces and other ornaments by women. The fruits of the trees are oval-shaped and green in colour when raw. The flowers bloom in April whereas the fruits develop in June

Bakula/Maulsiri Tree for Religious Purposes:
Bakula flowers are offered to Lord Ganesha during the 21-pushpa puja. The flowers are considered to be very sacred in Jainism and Buddhism.

Vernacular names
Ayurvedic/Sanskrit: Anangaka, Bakula, Chirapushpa, Dhanvi, Gudhpushpa, Kantha, Karuka, Kesha, Mukula, Padyamoda, Sharadika, Sindhugandha, Simhakeshaa, Sthirmukhgandha, Surabhi Tailanga, Varalahdha, Visharada.

1. UNANI: Maulsiri,
2. GUJARATI: Babhuli, Bolsari, Varsoli, Vovoli
3. HINDI: Bakul, Bolsari, Maulsarau, Maulser, Maulsiri
4. TAMIL: Alagu, Ilangi, Kesaram, Kosaram, Magil, Magilam, Vagulam
5. TELUGU: Pogada
6. KANNADA: Pagademara
7. PUNJABI: Maulsari, Maulsiri
8. BENGALI: Bakal, Bakul, Bohl, Bukal
9. MARATHI: Bakhor, Bakula, Barsoli, Ovalli, Owli, Vavoli, Wovali, Wowli
10. MALAYALAM: Elengi, Ilanni, Iranni, Makuram, Bakulam
11. NEPALESE: Bakulapuspa
12. SINHALESE: Munemal
13. GERMAN: Affengesict
14. FRENCH: Karanicum, BURMESE: Kaya, MALAYSIAN: Enengi, THAI: Pikul
15. ENGLISH: Spanish-Cherry, West Indian Meddler, Bullet Wood
16. TRADE NAME: Bullet wood

Precautions: Some people may be allergic to natural products, test the patch on inner elbow and leave it for 30 minutes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.
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