The Scent of Rain

What is Mitti Ittar?

India have captured the smell of first rain in bottles which has received global recognition and is popular as "Mitti Ittar" or Petrichor Essential oil.

The story of the turning rain into perfume is not new, though it has come in limelight recently after huge media attention.

Our Manmath Mitti Ittar has recently been very popular and covered by global media for its unique fragrance similar to fragrance of baked earth. The soothing, mellow fragrance invokes a spirit of regeneration.

How does it Smell Like?
This beautiful Ittar which smells like baked earth after the first rain. As the monsoons arrives and splash life upon the parched and heated soil due to intense exposure of sunlight, the baked earth spreads its unique aroma one can easily fall for - this is the fragrance of Mitti Ittar. It is also popular as "The scent of Rain" or "Petrichor Essential Oil".

How to Apply as Perfume?
You can apply it directly on your skin, preferably on nerve points for enhanced experience.
Since the fragrance of Mitti Ittar is similar to smell of first rain or wet soil or earth, it helps deepen your connection with nature & inner yourself.

Uses & Benefits:
Mitti Ittar can be applied directly as perfume. Besides that, it is also used as a fragrance, an air freshener, an essential oil - and in aromatherapy.
Mesmerizing Ittar of Mitti contains is stress relieving and help you brings you back to your inner being. The soothing natural ittar can also be used in daily routine. Its soothing aroma is also considered as stress buster.

FAQs Related to Mitti Ittar:

Q: What are various applications of Mitti Ittar?
A: This Ittar is ready to go perfume oil that can be applied as a scent. Besides, it has various applications in natural perfume industry. It is often used for preparing sacred blends, incenses, and niche perfumes.

Q: Can Mitti Ittar be used for Aromatherapy?
A: It is one of the best fragrances for those who meditate and want to increase focus. This is why the fragrance is widely used in luxury hotels, Yoga & Ayurveda resorts, and aromatherapy retreats.

Q: Is this Mitti Ittar paraben free & completely natural?
A: Yes, all our Ittars are free from any chemical or paraben and prepared using 100% natural oil and ingredients.

Precautions: Some people may be allergic to natural products, test the patch on inner elbow and leave it for 30 minutes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

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