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What is Shamama Ittar?
If there is something truly special about natural ittars, then it's their ever-changing quality. Shamama Ittar, a beautiful herbal ittar is known for its rare, spicy and rich aroma. People also believe it has "mysterious" fragrance that adds to its own unique qualities. Its fragrance seems inherited from flowers & sunshine. Similar to vintage wines, each batch varies from the last.

How Shamama Ittar is Produced?
Shamama Special ittar is manufactured through co-distillation of a variety of herbs and natural essential oils. Known for its exotic fragrance, it is rare and precious Ittar that is available in form of long-lasting Fragrance that is prepared by combining various flowers through hydro/steam distillation process.

What are the application of Shamama Ittar?
Shamama Ittar is primarily used as winter Fragrance in India and most of the Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and more. Besides this can also be used in Fragrances as an ingredient. Apart from that, Shamama is preferred ingredient in making different types of incense sticks and tobacco compounds.

What to Consider before Buying Baanka Manmath Shamama?
It does take sometime to adjust with shamama fragrance. This is very rare and unique type fragrance.

Olfactory - Shamama is reddish tinged, amber tinged liquid displaying an incredibly rich, complex, earthy, mossy, musky, precious woods, tea-like, spicy, animalic, resinous bouquet of outstanding tenacity

Interesting Facts About Shamama Attar:

  • The application of this attar oil helps to provide instant relief to the user from the various mind related disorders such as anxiety, stress, tension, mental fatigue and various other such kinds of problems can also be treated with the help of this ittar.
  • Depressive state of the mind can also be eliminated with the application of this ittar oil during the aromatherapy session.
  • Fragrance of this ittar helps in soothing the nerve of the mind and relaxes the body instantly.
  • Various skin disorders can also be treated with the simple application of this attar.
  • Many Indians and Arabians prefer applying shamama directly as Fragrance.
  • The process of making Shamama Ittar is a well kept secret and Fragrancers who create this do not reveal much details about it.
  • Shamama Fragrance contains number of herbs, spices, roots, flowers, seeds, woods, essential oils and produced using hydrodistillation method that makes it potent oriental Fragrance oil or Ittar.
  • Why Buy Shamama Ittar from Baanka?
    Shamama Ittar is Baanka's well most unique and rare Fragrancery creation. Made from all-natural ingredients, herbs and pure essences, Shamama Ittar is top desired product in our catalog. When today most of the Fragrancers in India offer Shamama in their catalog, Baanka is known for its authenticity, secret formulas creations for Fragrancery and precise use of world's finest quality ingredients. So, don't miss out to explore this India's hidden Fragrancery secret.

    Precautions: Some people may be allergic to natural products, test the patch on inner elbow and leave it for 30 minutes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.
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