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Premium Quality Pure Oudh Attar by Baanka. Oud oil attar has a rich, woody, and earthy scent with a strong musky undertone that is both complex and distinctive.

  • Cambodi Bliss

    Premium Quality Oudh Baanka presents a deeply mature and precious blend of oudh from Agarwood trees of Cambodia with a subtle hints of amber and musk. Cambodi Bliss has a smokey fragrance filled with a dark, earthy, ambry, & woody notes. It is made from the hand-picked oud chips with the traditional distillation process. Baanka's Cambodi Bliss is the finest and richest quality oudh oil blend with musk and amber. The idea behind creating this exotic blend of musk, amber and oudh was to enlarge the accessibility of this unique attar. It is a must have fragrance for all the oudh lovers out there.
  • Mauj E Oudh

    Mauj E Oudh attar has been curated using distinctive notes like Oudh, rose, saffron, sandalwood oil and Shamama which creates a lightly spiced and sweet effect. Mauj E Oudh offers a way to heal your senses. It is an outstanding blend of natural ingredients that lasts for a minimum 12 hours. This attar has a strong, mystical fragrance known for its calming properties and psychological benefits. Mauj E Oudh removes all the negative energies, boosts mental functionality, and creates a feeling of harmony.
  • White Oud 24

    Team Baanka is excited to present a new fragrance “White Oud 24”. White Oud attar is considered to be one of the most luxurious scents in the world and is often used in the creation of high-end fragrances. Baanka’s “White Oud 24” is a beautiful and unique fragrance perfect for those who love rich and opulent scents. This sophisticated fragrance balances musk, woody tones, and citrus accents. Its top notes are highly in-demand. White Oudh attar concludes has a sensual base composed of cedar and wood, creating an alluring effect. White Oud attar is suitable for both casual and formal attire, adding a touch of luxury to any outfit. It is best for those who love fresh woody fragrance. It can last for 10 to 12 hours on skin and on fabric last for 24 hours. This fragrance can fill the entire room by its pleasing aroma. It is best to wear at a party, college, or in formal settings both in summer and winters. It is a 100% non-alcoholic ittar that is made using premium quality ingredients, making it safe for the skin.

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