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Manmath Bela/Motia


Manmath Bela (Motia) truly captures the richness of Jasmine Sambac and Sandalwood Oil. This deep, fruity, natural aroma deserves a spot in your perfume collection as it is the highest-quality Bela ittar available in India.

It celebrates the beauty of spring’s earliest blooming flower, Bela or Jasmine Sambac. The utterly divine essence of Manmath Bela (Motia) is quite irresistible. It has an intoxicating 100% natural fragrance that stays close to your skin.


Bela (Motia) or Jasmine Sambac is a sacred flower, traditionally offered to Lord Vishnu in Hindu religious ceremonies. We have preserved the purity of Bela flowers in Manmath Bela through the hydro-distillation process.

Manmath Bela (Motia) can enhance your spiritual connectivity because it is absolutely natural and pure

Besides you can use it for meditation or aromatherapy purposes as this soothing blend can calm your mind and be a perfect stress reliever.

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2 ML, 6 ML


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