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Mukhallat Malhar


Mukhallat Malhar – a luxurious attar inspired by the refreshing scent of a serene forest after a gentle rain. Crafted to capture the essence of nature’s allure, this blend evokes the sensory experience of walking through lush greenery, feeling the cool breeze, and inhaling the earthy aroma of soil and foliage.

The name “Malhar” comes from the classical Indian Raag Malhar, known for its monsoon melodies evoking rain-soaked earth and lush landscapes. Like the Raag, “Mukhallat Malhar” embodies the essence of a forest after rain, with its earthy, woody, and refreshing notes.

Mukhallat Malhar combines premium ingredients like luxurious sandalwood, pure mitti (soil), exotic oud, and refreshing khus, all carefully selected to capture the essence of the forest and the purity of nature.


A soothing summer fragrance that teleports you into the midst of a jungle filled with dry leaves, smoky woody essence, and the initial blooms of green trees in anticipation of rain to fill the entire landscape with greenery. Malhar brings the joy of transition from summer to monsoon as it develops on your skin. The scent opens with a mild smoky citrus note, giving you the experience of entering a dense forest when it’s about to rain. As you go along the olfactory journey, the fragrance develops into a green woody scent, giving you an experience of traveling through the jungle. The dry down is meditative, leaving you in the midst of a forest to wander. It offers an absolutely unique experience with massive projection and sillage, ensuring you carry the essence of nature with you wherever you go.

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