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Om Kali and Kala Bhoot


17% Off

Combo Offer – Pack of 2 Ittars
Om Kali (6ml)
Kala Bhoot (6ml)

Om Kali

This exquisite ittar, or traditional perfume, is a unique blend of carefully chosen natural ingredients, each contributing to a captivating and alluring scent. Om Kali is inspired by the powerful goddess Kali. Envelop yourself in the timeless allure of Guggal, the delicate sweetness of Gulab, the soothing essence of Sandalwood, and the mystical charm of Loban.

Kala Bhoot

It is an opulent, floral fragrance that feels like a composition of different flowers. Kala Bhoot ittar has a very strong, woody, and masculine undertones that can be captivating for the senses.


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