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Manmath Hina


Manmath Hina ittar is extracted from the fresh Hina or mehandi flowers. It is an ideal winter fragrance as Hina gives you a sense of warmth.


Behind the warm, spicy, woody & comforting fragrance of hina, it is the deep discovery of Team Baanka that brings you the outstanding experience.

Our seasoned team uses hydro-distillation process to create the magical fragrance of Manmath Hina.

The process starts by plucking of fresh hina flowers during the dawn or before sunrise as fragrances begin to dissolve in the sunbreak.

Once plucked, the extracted hina flowers are put into a metal container along with some hand-picked spices, herbs, & water. Thereon, a lid is put to seal the container, which is then heated from the bottom.

The vapours pass though a condensing tube, & get collected in another container submerged into the water.

The end result of this entire process comes out to be a classic, earthy, & unique ittar that is called Manmath Hina. The ittar is then packaged into magnificent bottles.

The entire idea for using the traditional manufacturing process is to keep the authenticity alive.

Benefits of using Manmath Hina:

1) It is used therapeutically for its grounding qualities.
2) Manmath Hina provides an instant relief for headaches and body aches associated with the cold.
3) It is also used in body message to strengthen the nervous system.

Precautions: Some people may be allergic to natural products, test the patch on inner elbow and leave it for 30 minutes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

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