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  • Manmath Bela/Motia

    Manmath Bela (Motia) truly captures the richness of Jasmine Sambac and Sandalwood Oil. This deep, fruity, natural aroma deserves a spot in your perfume collection as it is the highest-quality Bela ittar available in India. It celebrates the beauty of spring’s earliest blooming flower, Bela or Jasmine Sambac. The utterly divine essence of Manmath Bela (Motia) is quite irresistible. It has an intoxicating 100% natural fragrance that stays close to your skin.
  • Manmath Chameli/Champa

    Manmath Chameli/Champa is derived from the hydro-distillation of royal jasmine (chameli) flowers with a Sandalwood oil base. Manmath Chameli/Champa is manufactured in Orissa just like Kewra. It is a completely natural ittar that keeps the natural essence of jasmine flower intact. Owing to unique and refreshing properties, the aroma of Manmath Chameli/Champa can soothe your senses and effectively cure mental fatigue, anxiety, or stress.
  • Manmath Chandan

    Manmath Chandan is a classic traditional fragrance derived from the holiest Sandalwood trees of South India. It is a rich scent with woody, creamy, earthy, and floral notes. Despite being soft and mild, Manmath Chandan has a sturdy aroma that leaves a strong impression
  • Manmath Gulab

    Manmath Gulab by Baanka has a sweet-smelling fragrance of Damascena Pink roses. We have curated this ittar through hydro-distilling Great Indian fresh roses with Sandalwood Oil base. A single sniff of Manmath Gulab is like taking a stroll into the rose garden. It instantly fills up the surroundings with its balmy scent. This rosy aroma is completely natural and doesn’t contain any added contaminants.
  • Manmath Harsingar

    Manmath Harsingar is a heavenly blend of Harsingar or Parijat flowers naturally distilled with Sandalwood oil. As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna brought this heavenly tree to earth. It was when a quarrel took place between Lord Krishna‘s wives Satyabhama and Rukmini. So, to settle the matter, Lord Krishna planted the Harsingar tree in Satyabhama's courtyard in such a way that when the tree flowered, its flowers will fall into Rukmini's courtyard.
  • Manmath Hina

    Manmath Hina ittar is extracted from the fresh Hina or mehandi flowers. It is an ideal winter fragrance as Hina gives you a sense of warmth.
  • Manmath Juhi

    Manmath Juhi is manufactured in Kannauj by extracting Juhi or Jasmine Molle flower with Sandalwood oil base through hydro-distillation process. Since this is an extremely rare flower, therefore it will took us months to create this ittar. Manmath Juhi has a deep, rich, fresh, intense, and pleasing aroma. It also contains some healthy antioxidants that help to calm the mind, reduce stress, anxiety and other-related problems. Soothe your senses with Manmath Juhi.
  • Manmath Kadamba

    Manmath Kadamba by Baanka is a natural ittar extracted from the fresh flowers of Kadamba Flowers through hydro distillation. The kadamb tree has apricot-gold coloured flowers that spread a unique, refreshing fragrance. These flowers bloom during and after the Monsoon season in India.
  • Manmath Kamal

    Team Baanka is delighted to present “Manmath Kamal” a sweet, soft smelling floral fragrance extracted from the Pink Lotus. It has an exceptionally rich and honeyed aroma that is creamy sweet and earthy at the same time. Pink Lotus is the symbol of purity, beauty, divinity, prosperity and devotion. Manmath Kamal has truly captured the essence of Pink Lotus. It is the most premium grade Pink Lotus ittar in the industry. To produce 1 tola of Manmath Kamal oil, we use 500 Kgs of Pink Lotus petals. Most people never get to experience the exotic beauty of pink lotus due to its rarity but team baanka has made it accessible to you. We have added Sandalwood oil in Manmath Kamal to balance lotus sweetness. Baanka’s Pink Lotus ittar is used for a variety of religious and devotional ceremonies in prayer houses, meditation and yoga retreats.
  • Manmath Kewra

    Manmath Kewra is an extremely rare ittar extracted from pandanus or Kewra flowers. It is also known as the King of Orissan fragant flowers. It can be used in sweets for enhancing taste and fragrance as per an old tradition. Kewra has a very sweet and enchanting fragrance. It gives a calm, soothing, and pleasant effect to the brain nerves. The pandanus flowers are plucked for hydro-distillation in the early morning as they quickly lose their aroma. We have used a Sandalwood base to enhance the sweet, flowery, and fruity scent of Kewra flowers. This fragrance is completely unadulterated and edible grade as we have kept the pure and natural essence of Kewra flowers in its true form. Manmath Kewra can be used in religious ceremonies and festivals while worshipping the diety and purify the area. Kewra helps the practitioner to make a connection with the deity and attract specific aspects of God to generate divine consciousness. Manmath Kewra will display a saviour (tarak) from or a destroyer (marak) form.
  • Manmath Khus

    Manmath Khus or Ruh Khus is a natural refrigerator for your skin that protects you from the strokes of heat during burning hot Summer. This earthy fresh ittar has a leathery texture that speaks volumes about its supreme quality. It is 100% natural, extracted from Indian vetiver grass.
  • Manmath Maulsiri/Bakul

    Manmath Maulsiri is a fresh, sweet-smelling fragrance driven from the creamy star-shaped white Bakula flowers with Sandalwood oil base. These flowers have an extremely rare quality that they doesn’t loose their aroma even after getting sun-dried and keep their odour for many days after they fall.
  • Manmath Mitti

    Manmath Mitti captures the smell of the first rain. It is globally recognised as Petrichor Essential oil or Mitti Ittar. Our Manmath Mitti Ittar has been recently covered by the global media for its unique fragrance similar to the scent of baked earth. This soothing fragrance invokes a spirit of re-generation.
  • Manmath Mogra

    Manmath Mogra is a sweet floral fragrance extracted from the flowers of Jasmine. It is one of our flagship products. Known for its sensual and romantic fragrance, Manmath Mogra is loved by both men & women. It is a natural ittar, created through the Steam Distillation.
  • Manmath Patchouli

    Manmath Patchouli is associated with the woody fragrance family because of its robust and earthy character. The spicy, musky and woody notes of Manmath Patchouli lends elegance and character to this exotic scent. Its distillation has been processed in Indonesia and the fragrance lovers knows the best is produced in Indonesia. This fine quality patchouli ittar is completely natural, uncut, undiluted, and underrated that gives you a feeling of walking barefoot through a luscious green garden after the heavy rain. It is a unisex fragrance suitable for both men & women. When you apply Manmath Patchouli it starts off as a dark smokey burnt oil with accentuated hint of dark-herbal mint which later takes the shape of light musky woody character after the final dry-down begins on your skin.
  • Manmath Rajnigandha

    Manmath Rajnigandha is a lightweight floral scent made through the steam-distillation of fresh tuberose flowers. It is a perfect fragrance that retains the lovely aroma and pure sweetness of Rajnigandha/Tuberose flowers. Manmath Rajnigandha is an alluring combination of floral and exotic. It is most popular in the South Indian regions of India. This mesmerizing fragrance is commonly used for spiritual purposes and auspicious occasions like weddings. We have extracted the true essence of tuberose in Manmath Rajnigandha as it smells like an intense white floral bouquet with sweet, carnal notes and some green nuances.
  • Manmath Shamama

    Manmath Shamama is a rare fragrance from the earliest days of Indian perfumery. It is a unique blend of natural herbs, Sandalwood oil, roots, flowers, spices, woods, seeds, and essential oils combined through hydro distillation method. It has almost all aromatic spices in it.
  • Manmath Zaafran

    Manmath Zaafran has a unique, warm, and soothing aroma that possesses rich medicinal properties. It can be used for aromatherapy and creates a calming effect on your mind for relieving stress. Manmath Zaafran is extracted through the hydro-distillation of finest saffron and Sandalwood oil. It is a scent that gives you a first impression of woody creamy undertones and can keep you refreshed all day long. Being 100% pure, alcohol free, and edible grade, Manmath Zaafran is also used in the making of biryani and other delicious cuisines. Saffron used in the making of Manmath Zaafran is carefully picked from the land of Kashmir in it’s season and distilled at perfect temperature to achieve the sweet and spicy nature of the costliest spice on earth.

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